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Bob the neutral party

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1 Bob the neutral party on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:22 pm


Name: Bob


Character Alignment:on the side of the intresting

Character Ability:(What makes you different from most shinigami? ex: Super fast speed, increased endurance ect.)


Appearance: Black hair, spikey
Rainbow lab coat
regular pants
no shoes rainbow socks
Big scar over left eye
Always smileing


Hollow Mask Appearance:(Vizard Only)

Died in the middle of an experiment to turn gold into bread.
he lost his eye as a child and the trauma has caused significant sociological damage.
through many experiments has gained abilities (accidently) which just are not common with other reapers. he was forbidden by his zanpakuto from using other weapons and, was forbidden by the soul society from using his zanpakuto. he has no conventional weapon to use. Bob has no knowledge of kido whatsoever nor, does he know hand to hand combat. however he is still considered dangerous by all sides of the spectrum.
Zanpakuto's Name:boB

Zanpakuto's Appearance:Flashing light

Zanpakuto's Inner Spirit Appearance: A mirrior of Bob with out all the colers and in a buissness suit. usually frowning.

Zanpakuto's Inner World:an upside down office.

Zanpakuto's Personality: incredibly business like.

Zanpakuto Abilities:(What "special" ability that only you can do?)
his zanpakuto is locked away for it being to dangerous.
if it cut anything non-alive it can make clones of the wielder.
never achieved bankai.
and almost complete intangibility

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2 Re: Bob the neutral party on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:50 pm

Approved. Very Happy

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