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Ragin, Ryoku, Rioji and Alaude: Part 4: Whats to come of the Ryoku Ragin?

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I take ragin to the jailing cell near the woman in squad 4 "Here, you stay put and dont break out once again. The woman should be coming here soon alright?" After that i head over to speak with the Head Captain.

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Alaude placed Ragin's sword inside a secrect captain him his captain quarters. He would then head to where Ragin was being held and stand watch over him. But he was to keep his distance so that he wouldn't be detected. If Ragin was to get loose again Alaude would defanitly kill him that second.

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As Viena walked up, she shivered. The man was captured and put behind bars. This gave her a bit of comfort. When she saw the Bakudo on his wrists, it made her even more comfertable that the man couldn't strangle her without trying. This man had spared her, she knew he could have easily killed her...

She asked to be let in to the cell and she was, she then asked, "Tell me... why are you the way you are? What happened that caused this trouble?"

"Look, I'm gonna make this short, I'm an assassin, and I got paid to kill certain Shinigami, so , I got imprisoned for this, and then shortly after kicked out, and then the I fought a fullbringer and got imprisoned again, I broke out and escaped after a fight, then I entered the living world, and fought, lost and am now here. Also, Look, I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry about hurting you, I shouldn't have... you were doing your job. While the same could be said about the one I decapitated, he was an ass, he deserved it. You... You couldn't even strike me. You were scared... enough of me to do my bidding." He said, looking down and shaking his head, his black hood off showing his rough skin and his watering eyes.

"I can't truly wrong a right... but I can do something else. I could allow you to do onto me as I did to you. Only if you are to forgive me."

She shook her head and said, "I've forgiven you, and I don't need to, I can tell the sorrow in your eyes. It tells a story a thousand words doesn't, Ill try my best to avoid you getting a death scentence.."

With that, She left the cell and went off.

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Thinking to myself "Wow, this has been a fucked day... Time to speak to the captain :/" I walk over to the Head Captains dorm and knock "Head Captain Ashijiko, sorry for coming in unexpectedly but we must talk about the Ryoka, Ragin. I have a plan to make him a soul-reaper once more.. We need his power incase of an uprising of the arrancar."

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Tatsu quietly sits in his own room, doing nothing but tapping his sword against the wall constantly.

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(Tatsu, delete your post, this is a private rp.)

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Ashijiko stood up and said, "What is this plan of yours if you will?"

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Rioji walked over to the Head Captain's desk and then cleared his throat "Well, I'd say he is very good asset as a military potential against the Arrancar, or Quincy. There have been murmurous reports about 'cero' activity in Hueco Mundo, they could literally break through the walls that bind them and invade the world of the living. And the quincy, are gaining in power slowly but surely. They might still have a grudge on us, most likely. We are gonna have to initiate our forces, plus they could enslave the arrancar and use them against us. Will you allow me to train and put him under my wing, or Venuren's? And I'd also like to make the ryoka boy Ryoku a shinigami. But we would need use the power of all the available captains, Id like to make him my lieutenant, I am needing one and i am more fond of that boy than Ragin, he has no manners."

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"Heh. Ragin is more powerful then he shows, he could beat most if not all the lieutenants in a one on one situation. After you came in and finished the Academy, he entered. He was a good swordsman. He got better and better, so yes, he's a good swordsman, he can do Kido fairly well. I guess he's lost his touch." He said, looking out the window, "Tell me, why do you wish, beyond those reasons, want him to be a Shinigami? Ragin I mean, he's 1 Shinigami, he's the run of the mill Shinigami with good swordsmanship." He stopped for a moment.

"This Ryoku boy, why have you taken a liking to him? If you would. Also, Why do you think to make him a Shinigami? I know you need a lieutenant, but, what about the available candidates?" He said.

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"Ragin could be very good as a military potential as I already said sir. Its not a dispute to be discussed, if we lose a war between any of them we will be done for and balance in the Soul Society is completly done for." I pull a chair up and sit. "And for the boy Ryoku. He has a certain power. I don't know what it is but I think it could be enhanced if he were turned into a soul reaper. He would be nearly unstoppable. His strength and speed are quite amazing, add the power of a zanpakuto that is completly doubled if not more. We need him. We need both of them. Ill take responsabilty of them, I will step down from captaincy if they rebel or try to attack the SS. That or I'll dispose of them, then take the necessary punishment."

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He cleared his throat and said, "Fine. Go find Ragin and the boy... Ryoku, and bring them here."

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"Yes sir." I flashstep out of the room and appear infront of Ragin "Come" I grab Ragin and flashstep to the room "Here's one sir." I flashstep to Ryoku and grab him "Come" I flashstep to the room and say "The other." I pull 2 more chairs and tell both to sit. "Now please speak Captain"

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"Alright. Now. Go find Venuran." The Head Capt. says, and waves Rioji off.

"Alright. Ragin. If you come back, we can provide a place of stay and everything, I'll even get your sword back. But, If you rebel, I'll have Rioji strike you down. I know you can't defeat him. Not near it." He then looked at Ryoku.

"Look. They want you to become a Shinigami, I can give you time to think about it." He finished, waiting for responses.

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Ryoku says "I suppose, I want more power to protect the things i cherish.. So yes." RIOJI: I send of a hell butterfly to tell venuren to come to the Head Captain office dorm room. "Alright hes coming. And good choice, Ill become your captain Ryoku."

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Venuran listened and started to flash step over. arriving after what is below is said

"Fair enough." The head captian said, then he look at Ragin who had stayed Silent.

"Look, If you want me to train under these people, fine, I can't promise about ANYTHING."

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"Venuren, listen to what the head captain saying and get updated."

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"He wants Ragin to become a Shinigami again, and Ryoku a Shinigami, since he is a fullbringer." The head Capt. said, shortinging it.

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"Ok, lets do this. You approve correct captain?" I stood there waiting for a response. "If so I can begin the process of gathering a high reishi density and spirtual pressure into an unnamed Zanpakuto, and pierce his soul turning him into a Soul Reaper."

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"Aye." The head captian said.

Kizand looked at Rioji and said, "If you are ready to do so, I guess I am."

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"Come with me Ryoku. We need to go to the barracks and find an unnamed and un-owned Zanpakuto. Also, when you get your power your sword may be shaped differently than most, and you may just be brute force and SP rather than kido ect. Don't be put down on how your Zanpakuto turns out, its one of a kind, unreplacable. Two more things, your sword has a name, try connecting with it later on, and do not mistreat it, if you treat it well it will lend you its strength and you will  be nearly on whole being."

(RYOKU) "Right sir. Lead the way.."

(RIOJI) "Lets go."

The two leave the building and are now in side the barracks, they pick out a Zanpakuto "How bout this one?" (Rioji) "Yeah sure. Lets go now, we need the SP of me, Kizand, the Head Captain and yourself.."

(Ryoku) "...O-Ok."

(Rioji) "Well I will go first." I focus most of my energy into my hands and release the SP into the Zanpakuto, as I hold this sword it feels like it is someone Zanpakuto. It will be soon enough.
"Now your turn." I hand the sword over to Ryoku, He grabs the sword and does the same. I think to myself "Wow, his SP is immense..."

(Ryoku) "..Is that alright?"     (Rioji) "Yeah, thatll be fine, lets go back to the captains office."

The both of them head over there to get spiritual energy from both the head captain and Kizand.

"Head Captain, Kizand. which of the 2 of you would like to do this first?"

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The head captian and Kizand just sat in slience while they waited, and when Rioji entered, Kizand said, "Alright, Hand it here."

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I hand the sword over to Kizand "You know what to do."

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Kizanded grabbed the sword, and poured SP into the sword, enough that the Capt could finsih the job, and handed the sword to Head capt, and he finished the job after putting the needed soul pressure in his hands. He then handed Rioji back the sword.

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"Alright Rioji. Lets do this. Are you ready to do this? Devote your life to protecting souls and humans as a soul reaper?"

(Ryoku) "Wait! I was wondering, if i could become a 'substitute' soul reaper. I want to live my live in Karakura town and protect my family.. my father.. I promise to help whenever needed."

(RIoji) "CAptian what do you have to say about this?"

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The head captain nodded and said, "Alright."

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