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Kratan Skorr (WIP)

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1 Kratan Skorr (WIP) on Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:39 pm


Name: My name's Kratan Skorr

Age: I'm 600 years old........I'm pretty sure i'm 600 years old.

Character Alignment: Um.......Good? Good. Definitely good. Good is good.

Character Ability:(What makes you different from most shinigami? ex: Super fast speed, increased endurance ect.) Not really sure if this sets me apart from other shinigami, but I don't follow any real code of honor during combat. In a nutshell, i'm unpredictable, unless you know me.......Which alot of people do not.

Gender: I'm a male. Yep, i'm completely sure i'm a male.

Appearance: Okay, let's see..... I like to think of myself as tall, or at the very least above average, standing up to 6"3. My hair? Let me get a mirror. Ok, it's blond, but a dark-ish blond, and scruffy, VERY scruffy. Seriously, it looks like there's a dead cat on my head. (Didn't expect me to insult myself did ya? Told you I was unpredictable.) I'm pretty skinny, though not weak. Trust me on that. I have fairly light skin, and emerald green eyes. What else.......Ah yes, the clothing. I wear traditional Shinigami robes at all times. Infact, in contrast to my personality, which we'll get to later, all of my clothes are traditional and standard equipment. Yep, I think i've covered everything.

Personality: Just incase you haven't picked up my personality yet, lemme summarise. I'm funny, SOMETIMES rude, though not often, unpredictable, and quit doubtful. Though, deep inside, i do care about things. I'm also abit carefree, or so people say. I'm willing to try new things, and feer isn't in my vocabulary. See, I even spelt it wrong, just to show how i'm Feerless!

Hollow Mask Appearance:(Vizard Only)


Zanpakuto's Name:

Zanpakuto's Appearance

Zanpakuto Abilities:(What "special" ability that only you can do?)




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