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Ryoku VS Ragin Part 2- Jailed and Trialed in the SS

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I woke up, covered in bandages. I thought "They healed me?" I sat there wondering what would happen next. I started to meditate and try to recover my energy..

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Quiean Salver sat outside of the cell and said, "You awake yet?" He was the one whom had healed the kid.

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*cough* "Yeah, who are you?"

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"Quiean Salver, The guard to your damn cell."

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"Well you're and asshole.." I cough once more

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Alaude carried the man into the main court. He placed him into the chair and place him under chains which had a weak bakudo seal on them. He then slowly to his seat in the front row of the court office, "I'm a Captain why does my brother have me on the committee?" He sighed rolling his eyes slightly then closing them.

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He just mumbled to the court under his breath and relaxed, waiting for the questions to start. (Ragin.)

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Quiean Salver looked into the cell and said, "Just shut up."

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I ask him "What is this place... What is a shinigami?"

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"I guess I owe you that... Shinigami make souls pass over and kill things called Hollows, you are in our area." Quiean Salver said.

The judge looked up and said, "It's time to start this trail, does anyone have any evidence at the very start?"

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I ask "What is this place. The name."

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"I might tell you later, as I don't wish to tell you." Quiean Salver said, smirking.

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I said "Fucking prick" under my breath so he couldn't hear it. I feel my arm and notice a big long and deep cut on my left arm.

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"I'll let you stew in your own anger and feelings for now." Quiean Salver said

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Alaude stepped forward, "We have reason to be that this man is an exiled shinigami. I witnessed him fighting a fullbringer at maximum power above Karakura town. His spiritual pressure is that of are captains. Who knows what could have happened to the living world after a while with that sort of released power." He continued to make his point seeing as how he knew that this man was certainly going to be committed for treason as well endangerment to the of the living worlds balance.

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"Fine, Send him to the cell." The judge said, pointing to try to get you to leave with him.

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"What will happen to me, I was trying to protect my town and loved ones.." I thought of my father... I though "I have to get out of here I can't leave him he's all I got left."

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Quiean Salver said "We have that under control, we can deal with the Hollows okay?"

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"Sure.." I wait for the moment to escape

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Quiean Salver slowly falls asleep.

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I wait and wait. I think to myself "How is the trial going?"

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Alaude quickly stands up. He was put in charge of making for giving this traitor his punishment. He makes his way to the courts jury room to discuss it over with all the jury before making his decision, "Were gonna take a about five minutes before coming up with a final decision until then everyone keep tight." He soon disappeared into the hall entertaining a room on the right side of the hallway.

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The judge got up and followed Alaude with a broad smirk.

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I feel a big burst of spirtual pressure.. It wasnt a shinigami all right.. A hollow? It seems like it but the power is to big for a measly hollow.. "Sir do you feel that power coming near us?" "Its not a soul reaper! Its like a hollow... A very strong hollow.."

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Something was off in the air it was more tense and thick then normal. He felt as if something bad was about to happen and when he gets those feelings there always right. He decided to shake it off and handle the matter at hand. He discussed what punishment he thought the traitor should have and shared it with jury, "I feel as if that man should be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility or rehabilitation." Alaude disliked the idea of one of his own kind dying especially from one if his decision. He ran his fingers through his hair while still getting that faint feeling something was about to go terribly wrong....

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