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Mugetsu Tanimoto

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1 Mugetsu Tanimoto on Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:45 am


Name: Mugetsu Tanimoto

Age: 20

Character Alignment: Evil

Gender: Male

Personality (Try to be detailed please):  Being of the Quincy, Tanimoto carries himself with a sense of pride and self-accomplishment. He, unlike his successors, doesn't wear traditional Quincy garb, mainly due to his refusal to accept being part of a clan that died to the Shinigami. This seems to root from his intense hatred of the Shinigami, calling them "self-righteous, nosy dogs that do nothing but follow orders without reason."
Individually speaking, Tanimoto is often very calm and level-headed. He can take any form of information, despite how insulting or disappointing it may be. He shows a uniqueness about this, as he is seen to quickly lose his temper, but can easily and almost instantaneously regain his serious composure. During battle, he tends to separate all forms of existence except for himself, his opponent, and his surroundings.

Ehito or Gemishuto (Full Blood or Half/Mixed Blood): Ehiito

Appearance: Mugetsu is a tall, thin young man with yellow, shoulder-length hair with bangs hanging down the middle of his face and red-colored eyes. He wears a black and dark red suit resembling a school uniform. He wears a black cross around his neck and a Quincy cross on his wrist.

Bow Appearance:  This bow is shown with a unique shape, unlike that of most Quincy. When formed, its color is jet-black, and reveals the shape of wings above the spot where arrows are fired. It should be noted that his bow appears solid, a feat done only by a few masterful Quincy.

Backround:  From the time he was born Mugetsu was a quiet and peaceful child. He was born as a pure quincy and was raised by humans(who knew of the spirit world). Mugetsu was trained to use an bow by his adopted father and mother who always told him that it would be his greatest asset. Around his 16th birthday Mugetsu accidentally fired a high powered arrow during his target practice. His parents then told him of his lineage. From that day on he stepped up his training becoming more accurate and faster than he ever was. When he turned 18 his adopted parents told him of the tragedy that happened to his parents. Mugetsus parents were killed by a squad of soul reapers. From that day on Mugetsu vowed to eradicate as many Soul Reapers as possible but also vowed that he would protect the human world. Since he was raised by humans Mugetsu tends to wear human clothing rather than traditional Quincy attire.

During his 19th birthday Mugetsu decided it was time for him to move out and live on his own. In order to make money he decided to get a job at a local weapons shop. While working at the shop he began training with other weapons such as swords, kunai, and shurriken as well as enhancing his skills with bow and arrows. While training one day he realized he would need to become better at close combat if he was to ever defeat a Soul Reaper.

For a year Mugetsu trained strictly with swords and hand-to-hand combat. Upon stumbling upon one of his Steele Schniders Mugetsu began using it as a sword realizing it would be convinient and sneaky enough that no Soul Reaper would be prepared for him to use it as a sword. Now believing he is ready to begin his quest to eliminate the Soul Reapers Mugetsu begins journey to eliminate as many as possible.


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