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Taigārirī Hyō Fenikkusu [WIP]

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1 Taigārirī Hyō Fenikkusu [WIP] on Sun Nov 17, 2013 5:03 am

Name: Taigārirī Hyō Fenikkusu


The only remain part of his hollow mask is the scaley part of bone under the bottom of his eyes.

Zanpakuto Appearance:
Zanpakuto :

Numero: 1

Resurreccion (Appearance): Taigariri Ressureccion allows him to become a human/dragon hybrid. His body becomes covered in silver or white scales. His finger nails become three inch claws. His eyes turn a lime green with a black diamond as his pupil. And his ear grow into three inch point ears.

Aspect of Death (Add one just incase you are promoted to 0-10 espada): Creation


Personality: Taigariri is a very compassionate person. He cares for everyone and everything within his own race. He usually cares for lowly hallows that show promise or an unique ability. He is known as the DragonHeart.

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