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Thorkell "The Viking"

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1 Thorkell "The Viking" on Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:41 pm


Name: Thorkell Vikingo

hollow hole located right on his chest

Zanpakuto Appearance: Two giant war-axes

Numero: Cero Espada/Leader of the Espada

Resurreccion (Appearance): None really.

Aspect of Death: Destruction

Background: Born somewhere around 700 A.D., Thorkell was raised as a Viking at heart. He plundered, pillaged, sailed, traveled, and fought brutally but happily. He made a name for himself in the Human World as one of the giant Viking kings, and was revered by his Viking men as a "god'. he died at the age of 54 on the battlefield.
He wandered around the world, lost and in search for battle. Eventually, he transformed into a Hollow. Thorkell was a very mad Hollow, for he did not have any of his battle weaponry like his axes. Searching for his arms, he spent the next several centuries devouring Hollows in search for them. Eventually, he became a Vasto Lorde. He was converted to an Arrancar through the presence of the Hogyoku, and had the highest reiatsu among any of the Arrancars at the time. And at last, he found his arms in his Zanpakuto, a pair of war axes just like the ones he had as a Viking. He re-used the Espada system by marking himself as the "Cero" and developed his powerful Resurreccion, which was the most powerful among the Espada. For a few centuries, he resumed pillaging and plundering, uniting armies of Hollows, Arrancars, and Espada to the Human World and against Soul Society. Eventually, at the age of 1100, he realized that he had lost too many men and surrendered to the Shinigami before the Captain-Commander at the time. He agreed to stay "imprisoned" in Heuco Mundo and to limit the number of Arrancars that go through the Garganta to the Human World. Thus, Thorkell developed a doting attitude to his Hollows and acts like a "father-figure" to all of them.

Personality:Thorkell, as the leader of the Espada, sees the rest of the Arrancars as his family whether they like it or not. He sees himself as their "father" and so profoundly cares for his "children", even if they rebel and misbehave. He is typically a nice and gentle fellow, usually not moody or hostile at all, and keeps his temper in check in front of the Espada. He is aware of his heritage and knows that he is one of the strongest souls in existence, and takes immense pride in that. When angry, he'll completely rage on his enemy, who he usually spares when not provoked. He does not like the justice-attitude of the Shinigami and although will dispel them from his home (Heuco Mundo), he does not hate them. He also takes huge pride in his nickname back in the good old days, "Old Man Genocide".

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2 Re: Thorkell "The Viking" on Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:51 pm


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