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Calesvol Múspellsheimr

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1 Calesvol Múspellsheimr on Sun Dec 22, 2013 4:33 pm


Name: Calesvol Múspellsheimr

Appearance: (including location of Hollow hole)

Hollow hole located in his left hand.


Zanpakuto Appearance:


Numero: Will be decided after RP test

Resurreccion (Appearance):


Aspect of Death (Add one just incase you are promoted to 0-10 espada): Regret

Background: Due to the regret of accepting a game of Russian roulette and dying, he became a Hollow and, eventually, an Arrancar. Rest of the story is WIP.

Personality: Attempts to be bold, but isn't afraid to run away if the enemy is too strong while there's nothing in gamble. Hates to have long conversations, even when he knows they'll be long. Hates the fact of having to work after death. Lazy at times, he'd rather spend his days by performing relaxing walks.

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