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Kuenai Felino

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1 Kuenai Felino on Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:53 pm

Name: Kuenai Felino


Character Alignment: Good

Character Ability: Strength enough to hold back a Sword slash from a giant sword.


Appearance: She is about 5'7, fairly short, and around 120 pounds. She wears the normal shinigami garb, but, on occasion, wears a black dress, with white slippers.

Personality: She is a fun-loving individual, only becoming serious if you hurt her friends, or wound her.

Hollow Mask Appearance: It covers the lower part of her face, it is a solid piece, made almost as strong as herself. Although it can be broken, It would be super rare, and cause her to fight her inner-hollow again.

Background: She was brought into the SS when the group of 50 had come. She never wanted to be a Cap, she always thought that was too much responsibility. She used her talents often to fend off hollows in the HUman world, but that is about it.

Zanpakuto's Name: Kurop

Zanpakuto's Appearance: It's a long and sleek Rapier.

Zanpakuto's Inner Spirit Appearance: Her in all a all black dress.

Zanpakuto's Inner World: It's a neverending ballroom, in which there is unbreakable glass on the roof, in which the inner hollow is always trying to break.

Zanpakuto's Personality: Stern and strong, willing to discipline.

Zanpakuto Abilities:(What "special" ability that only you can do?)

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