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Yashito Moren: Quincy (3rd Character)

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1 Yashito Moren: Quincy (3rd Character) on Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:20 am

Name: Yashito Musashi


Character Alignment: Good

Gender: Male

Personality: Male

Ehito or Gemishuto: Gemishuto

Appearance: I have long black hair and I wear a white polo with a tie  tucked in, and I wear jeans with dress shoes. I have blue eyes, and I have 'white' skin. When I am fighting, I wear a traditional quincy tunic/garb.

Bow Appearance: My bow looks like a blue beam of light

Backround:I lived in Karukura Town my whole life. I lived with my parents until age 16 then I moved out after, my father taught me the basic then gave me 25000 yen to get an apartment and train on my own. My father owned a company called "Yashito Corporation" He named the company after me,  they deal with stocks and future technology or something. My mom was a stay at home mom I guess. My father's name is Raiken Musashi, and my mother's name is Asuna Musashi.

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