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Shi Kurayami

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1 Shi Kurayami on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:42 pm


Name: Shi Kurayami

Appearance: He has crimson red eyes with a darker red pupil surrounded by a normal white his right eye is covered by his long white bangs as the rest of his hair is spiky and if went straight down would reach to his shoulders in both the front and back. He is dressed in tight black pants with white lines along the seams, his shirt the same way but with a cone up the middle exposing his chest more the higher it went. His chest was covered by bone plate armor in a rib cage fashion. His shoulders and his upper back were as well. Around his neck stood a tattered cape with two slicing through its length that causes it to look like three tattered scarves instead of a cape. His hands and arms up to his shoulders were covering in arm length gloves, skin tight without a wrinkle as his forearms were covered in bone plate armor with four, two in long curved spikes at the end. His belt was made of black leather, kept together by a bone plate armor buckle with a skull shaped into the middle, four spikes, much like the ones on his gauntlets, come out from where the corners would be. His shins up to his knee and down to half his foot were also covered by bone plate armor, three lines went down the armor on both his gauntlets and shin guards. These lines split the armor apart, making it harder to shatter the armor as a whole. The hole on his body is where his right eye is hence why he always has it covered with his hair. The remains of his mask surrounds his hollow hole around his right eye and move out over his nose and around to his ear but the parts that move past his hair are thin and no more than an inch thick.

Zanpakuto Appearance: His two foot long, one foot wide bladed gauntlet was held in his left hands, the hilt was not parallel with the blade but instead connected between two spikes the went five inches past the blades bottom. These spikes, like all the rest, were curved.


Resurreccion (Appearance): The bone plate armor on his body grows to completely cover his skin and growing spikes on his shoulder, elbows and the ones on his fist growing nearly a foot long in length as his zanpakuto actually turns into those spikes making his range lower but damage higher as well as his damage threshold increases dramatically thanks to the bone plate armor covering his skin.

Aspect of Death: Tranquility

Background: When he finally transcended into an arrancar he had already been a lone wolf hollow and stayed to himself unless he was on the hunt which didn’t change how solitary he was. He evaded all attempts to find him by hiding within the shadows which eventually gave him the nickname "Shadow Wolf." Which ironically didn't fit his powers or abilities at all with him being a user of the light and not of darkness. He is still a lone wolf to this day, helping those who needed helping but then only to leave before he was able to be thanked.

Personality: He is kinder and sweeter than any arrancar you will ever meet. He does what he can to protect those in need of protection as well as risk his own life if need be. He is not shy at all, speaks his mind no matter who it may hurt but will not say it blunt and harshly. He will sugar coat things sometimes but this is rare, he must really, really like someone to do this. He is keen to his surroundings and not naïve at all. Even though he is like this he tends to be a lone wolf and stay away from villages or other people and off to himself in some desolate place.

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