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Ragin, Ryoku, Rioji and Alaude: Part 4: Whats to come of the Ryoku Ragin?

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First topic message reminder :

I take ragin to the jailing cell near the woman in squad 4 "Here, you stay put and dont break out once again. The woman should be coming here soon alright?" After that i head over to speak with the Head Captain.

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Lets do this i thought "Get ready,RYOKU TOSHIRO!" As I say that I thrust the blade straight through his body in the center of his chest, as I watch the life leave his eyes, a large bright light appears, and I sense a large ammount of SP behind us and look, its him. He survived the process, he has a normal width of a sword but his blade his larger than most and a bit thicker even. He's wearing a normal Soul Reaper uniform, and his blade's sheath is on his back. There is one more abnormal thing. His arms. There are his fullbring arms, but more or less black and nearly fused into his uniform by the looks of it. "My my my.... You are a soul reaper now, Ryoku.. I'll give you this." I hand him a pendant and badge. A substitute soul reaper badge. "You can turn into a soul reaper when ever. It is modified for you. When in human form, all you must do is hold the badge and focus your energy on it, then your physical body is stored into the badge and you hold it on your self until you are ready to return to your human state."

"With your new powers, you promised to help the SS and we will hold that to you. Also you can now enter the SS whenever by opening a Sekimon. That is all."

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"Very nice! Now, I think we need to get him to where he needs be?" The head Capt said.

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"Which is?"

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"To his home in the Living world, as he is a Substitute, he needs to have a post, and therefore, would be staying in the Living world." Kizand says, as the Head capt approves.

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"Alright, Ryoku. Turn your blade midair and exit to your home through the sekimon."
"Ok,I'll try sir."

Ryoku raised his blade and turned it. A large gate appeared and opened "I'll be seeing you all later. Goodbye Captains. Thank you for your power." I enter the gate and exit to the other side, and the gate closes behind me. I flashstep home to sleep.

(rioji) "Well thats over. Now for Ragin." I pulled up a chair and started to relax. "Begin I suppose."

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"I hope you don't think I'll place nicey nice.' ragin says, looking at Rioji.

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Alaude slightly annoyed bursted through the huge doors of the head captain's quarters almost breaking down the doors causing the hinges to creek and become slighty loose. He walked steadily towards the group anger swelling in his eyes, "Brother are you serious your honestly going to rehabiltate this fiend.  He has killed one of my squad members and threatened the world of the living.... Not to mention you go and make a fullbringer a soul reaper... I expected more from you."

He would hope his behavior would reach his brother seeing as he never acted this reckless let alone disrespectful to his brother who saved his life on many occassions.. He stared over at Ragin. He would then flash step towards Ragin but this was no normal one it was one that he created that out classed Rioji's speed he rarely used it because it requires an abundance of reishi. His flash step would be a blur to everyone but his brother as he stepped he unseathed his sword ready to end  him at this point only. His brother could stop him. He swung his sword so that it lined up with Ragins neck to cut it clean off....

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The head Captian moved even faster then the 4 of them, and unsheathed and blocked Alaudes blade. "You dare go against your brother, and the head captian?"

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"Stand down now. This is for the better of the Soul Society! Ragin can be under your direct control if you would like. This is no discussion!" I raised my blade "Come at me if you will but I'll protect this Ryoka you bastard.

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