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Leonardo's Abilites and Techniques [WIP]

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1 Leonardo's Abilites and Techniques [WIP] on Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:42 am

Special Ability/Power
Path of the Animal: The user has the power to transform into any animal at will.

Path of the Animal: Stalking Blue Jay

Effect: The user turns into a blue to follow or stalk there foe.

Path of the Animal: Elephant Slam

Effect: The user transforms into a full grow elephant that either falls onto there opponent from the air or rushes into the opponent threw a tackle.

Path of the Animal: Clawing Tiger

Effect: The user transforms into a tiger and attacks there opponent with flurry of scratches from there claws and fangs.

Path of the Animal: Striking Cobra

Effect: The user transforms into a snake and lungs at the opponent. It the user lands a successful bite the opponent will go under a spell of dizziness or paralysis.

Path of the Animal: Cheetah Blitz

Effect: The user transforms into a cheetah and becomes super fast and agile.

Path of the Animal: Kangaroo Beatdown

Effect: The user transforms into a Kangaroo and gains enchanced fighting abilites.

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2 Re: Leonardo's Abilites and Techniques [WIP] on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:57 pm

Blue Jay: 40

Elephant Slam: 100
Tiger: 70


Blitz: 70

Beatdown: 60

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