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Ryoku VS Ragin Part 2- Jailed and Trialed in the SS

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First topic message reminder :

I woke up, covered in bandages. I thought "They healed me?" I sat there wondering what would happen next. I started to meditate and try to recover my energy..

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A member of the 4th squad,Viena Lioria saw Ragin. She ran up, and attempted to stab him from behind. He blocked it, and smiled, "I won't kill you, if you heal me. I promise." She dropped her sword and began to shake. Just now, did she realize who exactly this man was. It was Ragin, the Shinigami Assassin. She thought this guy was gone, away. How in the hell was he here? "F-fine... I will, just please.. Don't kill me!" She said, putting her hands onto his shoulders.

As she put his hand on his shoulder, she said a few words, and started the healing. In the middle of this, she dug into one of her pouches and pulled out some healing poweder on, and put it where i went, which was almost everywhere.

He pulled out the sword of the kid he had decapitated, and cut her gut a bit, to incapatate her. "I told you I wouldn't kill you."

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*Rioji* "I feel a rise in spiritual pressure from the ryoka.. My prediction was correct.. We need to head toward him now!"

*Ryoku* "Right let's do this!"

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Alaude quickly made his way out of the Magget's Nest. He didn't intend on sharing his pray with anyone else but wouldn't mind if they followed. He began smiling as the Spiritual Pressure returned to normal, "Great now I can take him down at full power." He rested his hand on his swords hilt as he quickly approached the direction the traitor was in.

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He scensed the SP of Alaude, and gripped his sword tightly. He knew he wouldn't get out of this one unscathed, so might as well make the best of it right? It's not like he isn't a good fighter!

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Ryoku and Rioji flash step through the Seireitei heading to the 4 squad barracks. Rioji: "Kid, what are you? Some kinda messed up human with powers?" Ryoku: "I've got no clue sir. I just found out about these powers like 2-3 years ago." Rioji: "Well.. I do need a liutenent, so i could turn you into a Shinigami, You might have your powers still." Ryoku: "I don't no about that... I'd have to think on that. Wouldn't you need permission from some higher ups and other "captains"? Like I said I'll think on it.. I wouldn't be able to live here, I have a father to protect." Rioji: "Well.. I could turn you into a Substitute reaper. You would achieve to Shikai but no farther. You would be assigned to protect Karakura Town. I think you are able and I have enough authority to make that happen. Plus with your technique you've been killing hollows and not transferring them to the SS and we don't want that. We need a nice flow of Souls." They both are half way to there destination, following the flow of energy.

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He sensed another 2 SPS coming towards him. It seemed as tough he was rather outnumbered, along with the fact that he didn't have his Sword didn't help.

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Me and Rioji reach the ryoka Ragin. *Rioji* :Kid, what does this guy fight like?" Ryoku "Well he's good with a sword definetly. But he also is good with "kido" or what ever its called and hand to hand combat. Like I am."

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Alaude arrived at the scene slightly annoyed that they arrived before he did but he left eariler. He began stand there waiting on them to have the first move.He decided that he wanted to fight him alone...

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"Are you gonna try to kill me or not? I'm up for a fight now, maybe you guys can give me it!" He said, waving around the sword he had in a goofy motion.

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"Whats the plan Alaude?" Waiting until the fight began Ryoku started to raise his sp, hoping that things would start to speed up. He waited nervously.

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"Go ahead and fight him I just watch," he said with an annoyed tone. He ran his fingers though his hair once again while his sandy brown eyes let off a slight gleem and shine. He rested he hand on his sword again as he felt its excietement and passion to let loose, "In time Bengazi.... In time..."

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"Nah, how bout you fight, you haven't fought in a while!"

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"If Neither of you want to fight me, I'll make a deal. If any of you can manage to find me and catch up to me. I'll fight you."

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Alaude grew tired of this childish game. He stepped forward slightly raising his spiritual pressure greatly. It would seem as if his spiritual pressure has caused a sudden pause in the area. The oxygen in the area grew thin. The gravity seemed to intensify this all was resulted by Alaude pure anger. No one in there right mind would have thought this immense power would come from such a happy, silent, passive man. This is why he is known was the man with two sides. This is the true reincarnation of Yin and Yang.

So once again he walked forward towards the traitor with rage filled eyes and spiritual pressure with such killing intent that you would think the devil's incarnate was standing right in front of you while he slowly unsheathed his sword, "Shift.... Ben..."

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"That's my sign to get outta here." He say, running away from them, towards the portal to the Living world. He knew the mans power, so he knew he had to get the fuck out.

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Me and Ryoku started to follow along with Alaude, as he was going almost as fast as the ryoka. "Ryoku, hurry up you're falling behind" Ryoku: "Right!" They both sped along.

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Alaude followed Ragin his anger building and spiritual pressure raising.

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Ragin kept his spirtual pressure to a low whilst runnning. They could see him, no need for him to alert any others.

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"Alaude! He's heading for the Sekaimon! He's nearly there he's probably heading back to karakura town, that's where he dropped his zanpakuto right?" As they flew across the land both Ryoku and rioji could feel Alaudes SP

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He kept running and got to the Sekaimon, he jumped into the portal.

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Alaude used his shunpo to slightly get ahead of Ryoku and Rioji. He didn't plan on letting Ragin of of his sights. He went though the sensation racing after Ragin. He definitely wouldn't catch up to him but he could at least see him.

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He landed in Karakura town and rolled, started to run towards his old battle site. Alaude won't let me go, I must be getting taken serious!

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"Alaude, he's already there! Let's go!" Me and Ryoku try to catch up to alaude but it's no use trying he's fast. I saw alaude jump through the portal, shortly we did the same.

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He ran to the spot, and found his sword. He grasped the handle and turned. Ready for battle!

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The in the Dangai Alaude sent a call out to the soul soceity, "Freeze the area in and around Karakura Town and prepare the Gentei Kaijo."
As Alaude entered the human world he was force to lower his reiatsu down to a laughable level for a captain. But that didn't matter he only had one goal one desire to take down Ragin...

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