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Ryoku VS Ragin Part 2- Jailed and Trialed in the SS

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First topic message reminder :

I woke up, covered in bandages. I thought "They healed me?" I sat there wondering what would happen next. I started to meditate and try to recover my energy..

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Ragin awaited in anticipation for his phunishment.

The judge looked at Alaude and said, "Life in prison is the best we can do, considering the circumstances."

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"Don't worry, I have it handled anyway." Ryoukus guard said.

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"If you say so..." I said uneasy

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"Look, Would you be safer if I had my sword out?"

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"I guess.. Being prepared is better than anything.."

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"Fine." Ryoukous guard pulled out his Sword.

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"Plus, I don't feel anything." Ryokus guard said.

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"The damn guard must not have good sensing abilities.."

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"We are not in any trouble at the moment, all it may be is the court room."

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Ragin was tired of waiting. He started to channel his SP into his arms. Once he had enough power he started to push out against the chains. It took a moment, but he finnaly broke them and started to run like crazy towards the cell.

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"Guard! The Shinigami that I fought has broke free from his chains, I can feel it."

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Alaude's heart dropped in his chest, "DAMMIT!" The sudden raise of spiritual pressure from the courtroom was obvious. Everyone from this point would know exactly who or what was causing this raise, "And you said there would be nothing to worry about," he shouted in the judges direction. He followed after the rouge shinigami's reiatsu trail while attempting to alert the whole soul society. He quickly bites his thumb and draws a random symbol up his arm, "Bakudo #77 Tenteikūra."

There would then be a square of blue light that appeared infront of him taking full shape, "Connection Established.... Everyone this is the Captain of Sqaud 6 Aaroneiro Strauss, there is a Ryoka loose in the Soul Society I fear that he maybe attempting to free a cellmate and wreck havoc on the Soul Society. So if you see this intruder attack without hesitation and use all your strength." He released the connection as soon as he finished. He decided he needed to quickly catch this traitor before he releases the prison so he uses his shunpo.

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*rioji* "We'll it looks like I'm working today.. Damn ryoka.." I flash step my way to the court room.

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*Ryoku* My eyes widen.. I think to my self "Multiple shinigami heading this way! They are powerful.. More powerful than that Ragin.."

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Venuren Kizand started flash stepping towards the court room. He knew it wasn't gonna be that bad... right?

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Ragin kept running, keeping pace. He was injured and knew the SP signals coming from everywhere could EASILY kill him. He ran and hid into a corner.

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Rioji made it to the court room and asked the 6th captain "Where is the ryoka? Both of them? How powerful are they?"

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He directed his speach to a hell butterfly to ask the meassage.

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The closer he got to the rouge shinigami's reiatsu the fainter it would grow. He slowly approached the a corner where he saw a faint shadow, "There no time to be checking for shadows," he whispered to himself. He would then open a nearby window and hop out of it. He thought that he should hurry to the prison before the rouge could get there. While hopping out the window he noticed a Hell Butterfly that flew toward his direction.

He heared the message and was certain that the shinigami was no longer in the court he replied, "I was following his reiatsu signature but then it disappeared. I know where he's heading im gonna try and catch him before he meets his goal. Stay at the court office and get a few sqaud members to sweep the court from head to toe."

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I got a message from the captain and I told some squad members this "Men! Search this Courtroom head to toe!" They said "YES SIR!"

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Ragin smiled as he heard one of the STRONG SPs go away, he crept out of his corner. He started to move towards the cell again. He smiled as he jumped towards the wall. He jumped off the wall and aimed a kick at the cells guard. It was meant to hit hard. Of course, He wasn't at full, so it may have be weaker then normal.

Quiean Salver was barely able to block the kick and he stumbled back. He saw Ragin, and sweat began to rain down. He aimed a kick at Ragin, but that got blocked. He aimed a punch, and that ALSO got blocked. Even when Ragin was tired, beaten up, and had REALLY low Sp, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Ragin kept up a barrage of weaker kicks. It was all he could really do at this point, not to draw attention. If he went full force, that would bring the big dogs, he wasn't an idiot.He did have to admit, this was an awfully weak guard for guarding such a powerful prisoner. The irony of it all, was he was guarding someone that could maybe beat a Captin, depending upon the circumstances.  

Quiean Salver kept fighting and fighting. How in the hell was he not winning? He had to keep on the defencive, trying not to get his head kicked in. He finally got free from the barrage of kicks and
attempted to kick Ragin, in which finally made contact. It made Ragin feel his ribs.   YES! IT MADE CONTACT!

Ragin felt his ribs, the blows were weak but his flesh was also weak. He also had no weapon, therefore he was at a disadvantage. If the idiot he was fighting would draw his weapon, he might be screwed, UNLESS he sucked really bad at Zanjutsu.
Ragin felt his ribs, the blows were weak but his flesh was also weak. He also had no weapon, therefore he was at a disadvantage.

Quiean Salver drew his sword, and smiled. He thought that he could finish it in 1 swipe, he's not that fast! He slashed towards Ragins chest, which Ragin dodged, and kicked him in the chest. Of course, He wouldn't give up. He kept slashing at Ragin, but Ragin was dodgeing all of his slashes.

Ragin was getting tired, he couldn't keep this up much longer. He dodged one last blow. He grabbed the sword of his opponent, and tried to disarm him. He could give the kid one thing, He had 1 hell of a grip. He was kicked away by Quiean. Damn, this kid was stubborn.

Ragin finally kicked the sword out of Quieans hand. He ran and grabbed it. He jumped out of the window onto a building. Ragin stabbed Quiean in the chest. Quiean fell to his knee. Ragin pulled Quieans sword, and cut the kids head off. He took the sword and sheath, and sheathed the sword.

(Whew, done.)

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*Ryoku* I sat and sensed the death of the guard. "The fuck is wrong with that assassin..." I yelled for help "Some one let me out so I may help you! I am no intruder or enemy! I am not the evil one!"

*Rioji* I heard the voice of some one so I head there way. I see a man in a cell well more like a teenager. I ask him his name he said Ryoku.. I ask him "Why are you here?" He responds with "I am hear because I was defending my home karakura town." I think to my self "isn't that where the famous soul reaper lives?" I tell him "We'll I shouldn't let you out but I will." I break the lock and unbind the bakudo restrains. I walk him to the court room.

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Alaude detected the sudden raise and even quicker disappearance of a the young man from his sqaud. He grew furious, he knew there was only one answer to the sudden drop. The boy was dead and so was then traitor going to be. Its not often that Alaude uses his own hands to kill someone but when he does the person he's fighting should pray for there life...

He soon arrives at the cell and seeing the 11th squad captain you could clearly see the rage in Alaude's eyes, "Rioji did you see the tratior?" He kept close eyes on the fullbringer he would prove to be much help. He would be rewarded if he helps him achieve his task... Killing the notorious Assassin.

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"No I haven't. I can sense where he is though." I focus my senses to figure out where he is.. "He's in the 4th squads district, he may take some squad member and make them heal him.l

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