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Zechs Renaurd

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1 Zechs Renaurd on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:52 pm

Zechs Renaurd

Zechs Renaurd
Zechs Renaurd
Character Alignment:
White short hair, light blue eyes, 6"1, Caucasian, well fit.
Zanpakuto's Name:
Hyōga no Shenlong
Zanpakuto's Appearance:
A bright silver blade, white handle wraps, handle guard resembles a diamond shape.
Zanpakuto's Inner Spirit Appearance:
A man dressed in a white cloak, there is no face inside the hood, and has a white Chinese dragon looming over him.
Zanpakuto's Inner World:
A world filled with Glaciers, Hyōga no Shenlong sits at the very edge of one, looking over the vast terrain of ice.
Zanpakuto's Personality:
Serene and apathetic.
Hollow Mask Appearance:(Vizard Only)

His sword gets a layer of ice around the blade, and a small blade at the end of the handle.
Bankai (if strong enough to have one):
He gets extendable Ice Dragon Claws (The extendable claws on Altron Gundam Endless Waltz Version for reference.) And has Hyōga no Shenlong looming over him in battle, and whatever he bites, slowly starts to freeze (Ice breaks off if whatever he is biting breaks of his bite in less than 2 posts). His strength is increased, but his speed and agility are increased the most.
Zechs was an outcast, a thief, nothing more than a rat in the eyes of others, but was taken in by an honorable family, they taught him honor, respect, valor, and chivalry. But soon, his town was under attack, his parents sent him and his sister away, he watched as the town was set ablaze, and he was powerless. His sister decided to train herself in the ways of swordplay, but was soon cut down by a Hollow when they were attacked on a dirt road, he picked up his sister's sword and attempted to fight it. The world around him grew black, and he saw a man, the cloaked figure called out to him, saying "Believe in your strengths." he came back to reality, to see the hollow about to strike him down. Before he was hit he called out Hyōga no Shenlong's name, his Shikai activated and he killed the monster.
Personality: Mature and serious.

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2 Re: Zechs Renaurd on Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:19 pm

Approved!!! After your rp test one of the admin will give you your rank please pm your desired squad and maybe even position and we will we what we can do for you. cheers 

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