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Rioji Shin

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1Rioji Shin  Empty Rioji Shin on Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:15 am

Name: Rioji Shin

Age:145, looks 24

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male


Rioji Shin  IMG_0379

Rioji Shin  1472767_615030801893653_1772350018_n

Rioji Shin's height is 6' 1'', he weighs 175 pounds, and his skin tone is one of a Caucasian. He has muscles but aren't visible through a shirt, as in they don't bulge. They will if he isn't wearing a shirt or has a tight shirt on. Rioji is well fit, not to much body fat in all. His hands are a decent size little bigger than the average I'd say. His legs are muscular and sleek. Not a lot of body hair. And yes he has a six pack, he works out, like a lot.

Now to the Hair/Head. He has dark black hair during the winter, and the sun lightens up the color a little bit in the summer. Its not to long or to short. His bangs go down to his eye brows. His hair isn't shaggy its relatively straight. The back is a bit long, so he doesn't have a bowl haircut. He has thin hair. At times he will grow his hair out, happens every once and a while. He does not have any facial hair. If he did it would not be a big beard, something subtle.

Onto the facial/head features. He has dark blue eyes. You can literally see the contrast and depth of his eyes, when face to face. You could easily daze of and stare without realizing it. His nose is a bit small, 2 nostrils obviously, it doesn't stick out to far either. His mouth is maybe an inch, maybe half of an inch away from his nose. His lips aren't at all that big. His ears are normal I guess, not pointy at the top, its round. Ending it off with the face structure all in all. Straight long face face, similar to Ichigo Kurosaki's face. And that is all. End of the description of the shinigami Rioji Shin. Rioji wears a traditional Shinigami kimono just as any other shinigami would. He wears that almost everywhere, unless he is in the world of the living. The only differences between his kimono and others is, its not as baggy. So he can do cleaner and more precise moves without the chance of his blade or something else snagging onto his clothing. the other difference is his sword sheath is on his back rather then his left side of his body. He does this to make running and flash step easier.

Onto his clothing he would wear in the world of the living. He wears a plain white t-shirt, with some dark faded jeans and a black pair of sneakers. If he has to be in a school he would have a polo like t-shirt for a tie to be around to look a bit more presentable and formal in a school environment. If its cold he will throw on a black or white zip-up sweat shirt. His sleep wear are a pair of sweatpants and a tank top or t-shirt.

As for formal attire, I'll tell you both world of the living and Soul Society. In the world of the living he would wear some nice sleek black dress shoes, going along with some good ol' fancy pants. For a shirt is a simple dress shirt with maybe a vest or jacket to go over it.  The dress shirt, vest and/or jacket would all be black, and the tie would be white. In the Soul Society he would wear a custom shinigami kimono. Nothing to flashy, but its not baggy at all really, and his belt is tied better than he would normally. Its "tighter" to give a more professional tuxedo feel.
This is indeed what Rioji wears and would wear in any situation.  

Zanpakuto's Name: Zetsumei

Zanpakuto's Appearance: Rioji's Zanpakuto is named Zetsumei which translates to Death in English. The blade resembles a katana. The blade is around 28 inches in length, and the width is roughly an inch. The hilt length from the bottom to the hilt guard is 10.8 inches. It is razor sharp with about 3 inches of serrated edge teeth at the beginning of the blade. It is full tang. The hilt is traditionally wrapped with black cloth. The blade it self is a white/grey. That is a short description of the Zanpakuto's sealed state.

Zanpakuto's Inner Spirit Appearance: The spirit appearance is a man. He wears a black long trench coat. Long black hair, has red eyes and 3 big scars are on his face. Basically everything he is wearing is black. The only thing that aren't black are his eyes and skin tone.

Zanpakuto's Inner World: Empty. Empty space nothing to see for miles upon miles... Every thing is white. Its illuminated by one singular light source which I'd assume the center of the area. There is one other place though, its where tests and trials happen. The area is in the desert. No life to be found but my own. Each time I go there which is rare, there is obstacle courses that are spawned differently each time. There is also a fighting arena, where he tests my fighting skills.

Zanpakuto's Personality: Calm and collected. He will snap at you if you do not cooperate with him. Seems lonely. I often see him meditating mid air, when I enter in the world. He's very intelligent may I add, but he doesn't reveal all that I need to know. He makes me find out the truth on my own.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Its white that covers my face equally and has 3 black slices across it.

Shikai:The blade is huge. A whopping 2 and a half inches in width and 30 inches in length. The blade is black with a white scratch of some sort from the top to the bottom of the blade. The hilt is the same and same with the hand guard.

Bankai: The size of the blade is the same as the Shikai, but the colors are inverted.

Background: Rioji was 24 when he died. It was in the 1800. He lived a great life in japan. He was a swordsman, being taught by his father. His father accidentally killed whilst sparring. His father prayed and prayed for his sons soul. That way Rioji could peacefully go to "Heaven" (the Soul Society.)

Personality: Rioji is calm but gets angry quite fast. He likes to be alone primarily. He will interact with others, but as said before prefers being alone. He might come of as an asshole, but when you really meet him and talk to him he opens up alot. He is this way because its stressful being a Captain of the Squad 11.

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2Rioji Shin  Empty Re: Rioji Shin on Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:49 am

You badass mother fucker, you are approved!

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